Jean Dujardin in GQ

Jean Dujardin. Remember that name. It'll be important to know in the coming years. You could be forgiven for mistakenly assuming that Dujardin's name just recently became relevant thanks to his Oscar-nominated performance as a silent film star faced with the dawn of the talkies this year's The Artist. His turn in the silent film has Hollywood buzzing, and his nomination is just one of the film's ten.

Of course, Dujardin's name has been buzzed about for considerably longer if you ask anyone who has seen the brilliantly funny (and devilishly stylish) pair of French spy spoofs OSS 117 - Cairo: Nest of Spies and OSS 117 - Lost in Rio, in which Dujardin and Michel Hazanavicius (up for best director with The Artist) manage to transcend the spy spoof and elevate it from the shlock that Austin Powers turned into, all while predating the vainglorious misogyny of FX's Archer.

Basically, Dujardin has been killing the game for a minute.

And, as anyone who's seen Dujardin in anything will attest, he looks damn good in a suit. GQ was wise enough to recognize this and has an excellent photoshoot of Dujardin rocking plaid suits like he intends to kill the game then hunt down its family.

Hit the jump for the photos.

You can head to GQ to read the brief bit on Dujardin, as well as find out how much over your budget all these suits are, but don't bother with GQ's godawful slideshow viewer.  

Do bother with their Michelle Williams photoshoot. #protip

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